We are well aware that the automotive, aeronautics and major events industries call for the backing of a team with the know-how and expertise required to ensure the supply chain runs smoothly. We identified the need to set up a time-critical service to support these industries’


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Our Time-Critical Division provides:

  • ATA Carnet.
  • On-time collections and deliveries.
  • Import and export (multimodal: air/land/sea transport).
  • Specialised equipment for shipping fragile, sensitive and bulky cargo.
  • Customised packaging for your industrial parts or artworks.
  • Customs clearance whether definitive or temporary.
  • Non-Community transit.
  • Supervision of loading and arrival/unloading onsite at the event location.
  • International cargo insurance.
  • Updated information 24/7.
Our team provides global logistics solutions including premium quality specialised services for any industry which are made-to-measure for the customer.



Automotive and aeronautical industry

This service delivers solutions backed by recognised and proven know-how to support the growth of the component manufacturing industry and aircraft and helicopter maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO). Aircraft manufacturers’ investment and the increase in stopovers have prompted the need for credible, reliable, dedicated and customised solutions .Our Time-Critical Division meets production location requirements at manufacturers worldwide.

This department is on hand 24/7 and provides an immediate response to industry requests with door-to-door service, either hand-carrier or another type of transport, to cater for Just-in-Time (JIT) or Just-in-Sequence (JIS) needs, whether for new parts required for an assembly line or spares for repairing an aircraft at any airport .


Industry trade fairs and events

All major events are supported by our team behind the scenes. Only our team can ensure that your event is a resounding success. A successful event hinges on careful planning and flawless delivery.

Logistics solutions play a key role at every stage of your tour. Our solutions will make your event truly memorable .

We draw on our more than 40 years of experience in the live entertainment industry to deliver customised solutions for your needs while also looking ahead to anticipate future problems and deal with them. Logistics solutions for all your trade fairs and events.

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